The following procedures are needed to rent out ANY instrument at Olivas Music

Valid Credit/ Debit Card

A valid credit or debit card is required to rent an instrument from Olivas Music. We do require for your rental plan to be on an automatic withdrawal plan that deducts from the listed card on file. Person on the name of the credit card must be present and have a matching ID card.

Valid Identification Card, Drivers License or Military ID under your name

Proper identification is required to rent out any instrument. We must verify that the name and address listed on the contract matches the one on an ID. Person on the name of the ID must be present. And the address listed on the identification should be the most current and up-to-date. Extra steps may be needed if the ID is not a Texas ID.

Valid U.S. Social Security

A valid U.S. social security number must given when renting out an instrument. Social security number must be for the person who is renting the instrument and who's name is on the contract.

In certain cases, we here at Olivas Music will require a customer to be run through a credit check in order to rent certain instruments.

Credit Check