Repair Specialties

Our Olivas Music repair shop does specialize in a variety of repair techniques that help make you be the best musician that you can be. Please look at some of the specialized repairs that we offer below to learn more.


Ultrasonic Treatment


This process consists of an ultrasonic tank filled with water and the instrument is partially submerged. The wooden instruments are placed on top of the tank not touching the water at anytime during the process. Usually treated within an hour, the machine emits a noise that vibrates the instrument to "loosen" it up.

Both amateur and professional players who own and play the instruments before and after the treatment have stated in a few examples the following:

- "Provides a longer ring of notes before the sound stops" (winds)
- "Evenness of tone throughout the range" (winds)
- "Great smoothness" (winds)
- "Mellower, sweeter sound on all registers" (winds)
- "Quicker note response" (winds)
- "All strings sound balanced, even, better blend" (strings)
- "More overtones and richness in sound" (strings)
- "Better projection" (strings)

Refacing mouthpieces

Refacing mouthpieces is a process of fine tuning any woodwind mouthpieces and is an exclusive process only available through Olivas Music and our woodwind technician Danny Garcia. Done by hand, mouthpieces can become more responsive and easier to play. This process for mouthpieces includes the balancing of the right and left rails so they are the same. The check facing makes sure that the left and right rails are even and the same straight across the curvature of the facing is even.


Voicing Bridges


This technique is available on all violins, violas, cellos, basses and guitars. The benefits of voicing a bridge on an instrument include:

- The sound quality is amplified by 60-70% due to the fact that no vibration of the string is traveling on the bridge where it gets caught up in the corners of the bridge.

- Depending on the kind of cut and shave down the bridge, that will determing the type of sound that the instrument will produce.


Action of strings

This special repair is usually included as part of the set-up of the instrument. During this process, our string technician determines with the player, how high the strings should sit above the fingerboard. This usually provides the optimal playing ability for the musician. Proper height adjustment is just as important, if not more important, for the player so that the instrument plays for the musician and not against them.